[EVENT] Information on New Coin Listing and Airdrop

코인빗 (Coinbit)
Dear Coinbit Users,
Information on the event coin is following:
○ Event coin information
- Coin with the most votes will be selected. (Result at 2019.05.15 9pm)
- Target: Holders of the coin with the most votes will be selected.
- Airdrop coin: 100% of the new listed coin tomorrow (worth about 30,000,000KRW based on listing price)
- Airdrop date: A lump sum distribution before listing is complete
- Listing date: 2019.05.16 9pm (KST)
- Snapshot period: After the announcement of voting result ~ 2019.05.16 7pm (KST)
- Snapshot standard: Average quantity of random snapshots every 30 minutes during snapshot period
* Quantities on order list are not accepted.
* In addition, the quantity of the coin with the most votes purchased by Coinbit will be transferred outside of Coinbit exchange.
Please be patient, and Coinbit will do its best to be a more advanced exchange.
* There could be changes or interruptions according to our circumstances.