[Notice] Completion of YOOSourcing(YST) Token Swap

코인빗 (Coinbit)
Dear Coinbit Users,
Token swap for Rising and airdrop for Aurora(AOA) snapshot has completed.
The amount of YOOSourcing(YST) is applied to Coinbit individual wallet.
○ YOOSourcing(YST) Listing
- Listing date: 2019.05.13 9pm(KST)
* Sell order will open at 9:00 p.m, and buy order will open at 9:10 p.m.
* 300 NET for YOOSourcing(YST) token swap is automatically deducted.
* In consultation with YOOSourcing(YST) team, the amount of NEXT(NET) used by the project will be Burned.
Please be patient, and Coinbit will do its best to be a more advanced exchange.
*There could be changes or interruptions according to our circumstances.