[Notice] The Frist Rising Project

코인빗 (Coinbit)
Dear Coinbit Users,
The first project of Rising is YOOSourcing(YST).
More detail about YOOSourcing(YST) is on the Rising page.
○ The first Rising Project
- Token supported: NEXT(NET)
- Require amount per winning user: 300 NET
- Token swap ratio: 300 NET = 3,333 YST
- Application date: 2019.05.12 now ~ 10:30pm (KST)
- Application method: Apply through the Rising page
- Draw method: Random draw(Live stream)
- Number of winners: 300 winners
- Draw date: 2019.05.13 3pm(KST)
- Token swap date: A lump sum distribution after draw
- Listing date: 2019.05.13 9pm(KST), buy order: 9:00pm and sell order 9:10pm(KST)
- Rising application is available for Coinbit users with level 3 or higher.
- Rising application is available through PC and mobile web of Coinbit page.
- Applicant will be separated to each group, and each group will consist of some applicants.
* The group draw numbers will be notified via e-mail.
* At the token swap date, winners who do not have require amount of NEXT(NET) will be not accepted. (Quantities on order list are not accepted)
* If there is winner not accepted, applicant with the most amount of NET in reserve groups will be winner.
* During the draw and token swap, the trade service of NEXT(NET) is not supported temporary.
* In consultation with YOOSourcing(YST) team, the amount of NEXT(NET) used by the project will be locked up for a certain period of time.
* The amount of YST for Auora(AOA) snapshot is separate (worth about 50,000,000KRW)
* Rising continues with own tokens of Coinbit.
* Rising is a service that selects outstanding and prospective coins or tokens through Coinbit’s own verification system and introduces them to Coinbit users.
Please be patient, and Coinbit will do its best to be a more advanced exchange.
*There could be changes or interruptions according to our circumstances.